Cold War, organized with giant wind turbines.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Switzerland has been evolving towards a desert climate.

One would expect, however, that the increasing heat is accompanied by increasing evaporation from water surfaces within a radius of 1,000 km and therefore by corresponding precipitation as soon as the air laden with this water vapor cools. and rises, or encounters colder air masses, as usual in meteorology: Switzerland has a reputation as the water tower of Europe.  

So we should be in front of a certain warming – in Switzerland it is strangely much more intense than global warming – but accompanied by at least as much humidity as in hot and humid countries. This is not the case and therefore one has to wonder what can cause this situation.

Let us assume that there is a disruptive element in the movement of air masses, located at the periphery of the areas affected both by warming above the average on the Globe and by chronic droughts; a mountain range can play this role, but I have come to suspect giant wind farms.


§ Each wind turbine reduces the energy of the air that has passed through it to 11/27 at most (according to the limit of Betz, takes at most 16/27). Air volume, pressure, temperature and humidity are mostly unchanged; but the speed of the wind passing through the wind turbine is reduced significantly. Simple calculations, assuming that all residual energy is kinetic energy:

E0 = 1/2 * M * (V0)2 initial wind energy

V0 initial wind speed, M Mass of treated air

Emax = 16/27 * E0 = maximum energy extracted by the wind turbine (Betz limit)

Eresidue = E0 – Emax = 11/27 * E0 = 1/2 * M * (Vresidue)2

After substitution ==> Eresidue = 11/27 * 1/2 * M * (V0)2 = 11/54 * M * (V0)2

1/2 * M * (Vresidue)2 = 11/54 * M * (V0)2

(Vresidue)2 = 11/27 * (V0)2

  ==> (Vresidue)2 / (V0)2 = 11/27 =~ 0.4074

Vresidue / V0 =~ 0.638

Vresidue =~ 0.638 * V0

§ In all European countries, there are thousands of wind turbines. So wherever the wind comes from in Switzerland, a part (the densest, the one that passes in the first 200 meters on the ground) has been slowed down by all the wind turbines crossed.

Climate and weather assumptions:

1. The evacuation of the heat of the day, produced by the sun ordinarily, is less important by a slow wind.

2. The delivery of water vapour, by the air coming from the oceans, towards Switzerland, is diminished by the slowing down of the air; in addition, the precipitable potential of the slowed air is reduced, by braking mixtures with air masses of adequate temperatures.

3. Is it plausible that the microscopic influence of anthropogenic CO2 is capable of having such effects of heat waves and chronic drought in Switzerland?

§ It seems unlikely that no one has understood or investigated this side effect? Perhaps it is even used deliberately as a weapon?

Hence the questions:

§ WHO could have programmed this combination climatic catastrophe (drought + heat) for Switzerland using giant wind turbines?

§ WHO tries in this way to make the center of Europe sooner or later as UNINHABITABLE as the center of Australia or as the deserts like the Sahara?


This becomes, in my opinion, a problem of national defense, a military matter … That is why it is really URGENT to check what the intensity of the side effects of giant wind turbines as a whole is, before building any of them hundreds in our country.

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